Your YES to bringing me onto your team means the world,
and I'm SO stoked to welcome you aboard as a new client!

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Now for a few details:

What’s next:

  1. Complete the on-boarding form at least one week prior to your start date (the sooner the better!)

  2. I will then send through a link to Asana to work together, with a tutorial for how to use it if you are unsure

  3. I will make sure I check passwords and all the information prior to your start date

  4. On your start date I’ll get started, yay!

  5. You can expect to hear from me within the first 1-2 weeks of your package, with an update on what I have done to start off and give you an update so you are aware and confident in what I am doing and we can iron out anything you want changed

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Batching work is how I roll. It enables me to be productive, ensure my brain is in the right head space for your business and so that I can make sure I get all those tasks done that you want me to do in a systematic way. 

We will use Voxer (so that emails don't get lost and enables you to send a voice message if typing takes to long), Loom (for video tutorials or workflows), Google Drive (for analytics reports or larger files) and Asana (for an overview of tasks and important information) to communicate. This helps me keep all the details in one place so I don't miss a thing! (don't worry... I'll show you all the info to mastering these three systems)

You are my highest priority so if you ever need anything outside of the below schedule please let me know!

- All work will be undertaken + completed on Thursday/Friday. 

Once again, thank-you so much for your investment. I am committed to providing the best experience possible.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point send me a message on Voxer, or if needed email me at