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I’m here for you and your creative business

Here’s how I help clients regain control of doing business in their brains.

Introducing: The Productive Creative


A 90 minute intensive for you, the driven and passionate creative, who wants to show up and serve your community without feeling overwhelmed

I’ve been craving a system for so long. This is a lifesaver!
— Dawn Charles | Photographer + Educator

How would it feel to:

  • Wake up each morning knowing what you need to accomplish

  • Know each step of your workflows for all the different aspects of your business

  • Have someone work with you to create routines that increase productivity

  • Sit down at your desk and have a step by step task list to manage all your content

  • Not feel so overwhelmed in your business

  • Have a calendar with all upcoming tasks

  • Serve a growing community consistently and authentically

  • Not feel overwhelmed with tasks you aren’t, but feel you should be doing

  • Set intentional goals

  • Have a platform with all your systems in it

I’m here to make your life easier

If any of my friends were considering to work with Hannah I would say to any of them to absolutely 100% go for it! Working with Hannah has been a dream. She is one of the biggest supporters of my business and I honestly don’t know where my business would be without her! She works hard to make your business more profitable, visible and effective
— Greta Bennett | Photographer

Why I do what I do (other than the fact that I just adore working with inspiring creatives like you)

My schedule use to look like this: do the tasks that screamed the loudest. I was loosing to do lists, missing deadlines, taking hours doing client work without automating certain tasks, being distracted when a new email came through, and feeling like my business was running my life

I then decided I personally needed to improve my systems, become more efficient and find a project management system that would work for me… however I had the same reservations you are probably having.

  • I don’t have the time to set up the systems

  • each day is different and makes it hard to plan

  • I don’t even know where to start

What I have found since then was:

  • I was able to know exactly what I need to do each day

  • I was able to create systems and workflows that made sense, within one platform

  • I was able to be kept accountable to reduce the amount of hours I worked, while still serving my clients well

  • I was able to reduce the overwhelm

This is possible for you too

She is your biggest cheerleader. Her kindness is unlimited, she is fast, she is efficient and everything I present to her she catches onto.
— Lindsay Maloney | Business coach

 Say hello to The Productive Creative package

  • 90 minute intensive video call to map out your systems, create your goals and determine your next steps

  • A complete set up Asana, with relevant systems and workflows for your business

  • Complete Asana training

  • 30 day action plan and 30 minute follow up call

    Investment: $650 AUD

    [limited availability : 2 spots per month]

    *Payment plans available


Hey friend, I get it: it isn’t fun to feel overwhelmed and scattered in your business. I created this package because I believe in the power of systems and setting up Asana to allow you to work from a place of clarity rather than confusion.

Yet here you are still wondering:

  • Is this for me?

  • What even is Asana?

  • Can this package really help improve my business?

  • Is this the best investment for me right now?

Well, I'm here to help answer those questions. Grab a cup of coffee, curl up in your bed and fill out the contact form to schedule a FREE systems assessment.

I promise this 20 minutes will be the best investment of your time. You will walk away feeling ready to conquer your business and also see if you feel ready for The Productive Creative package.