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services - with hannah murphy

Blogging and Pinterest

Management for wedding and engagement photographers

who are ready to regain control of their *overwhelming* juggling act, while showing up wholeheartedly and consistently to their audience

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re tired of seeing that item on your to-list that never gets done

  • You’re craving consistency in your blog and Pinterest, yet you don’t have the time or expertise for it

  • You’ve signed up for every course yet you haven’t had time to look through it, let alone implement them.


I get it, there comes a point when you can't juggle every business hat... so I'm sure you're here because you either heard a podcast about the importance of outsourcing, read a blog from a business owner you admire, or heard from a friend about how having a team has helped them...

Yet here you are still wondering:

  • Do I need a Virtual Assistant?

  • What tasks would I even hand off?

  • What if it doesn't work out?

  • Can I afford it?

Well, I'm here to help answer those questions. Grab a cup of coffee, curl up in your office chair and let’s see how I can help


Remember: you created a business for freedom and to do what you love, not to feel a sense of overwhelm from a to-do list that doesn’t always get done


I use to work myself to the bone like you are right now.

I use to finish my week and enter the weekend with a to-list that was never completed.

I use to work crazy hours because I said yes to things that needed my no.

I use to constantly feel in a state of overwhelm.

…and then I decided I needed a change.

So I set up an Asana account where I housed workflows, batch days and client work… and I began feeling less overwhelmed, I loved to wake up each morning to work because I knew what I was doing, and I felt like I was covering all the different aspects of my business.

I’ve worked with so many creative entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed, yet stay that way because they don’t know how to fix it… my clients were craving a system and support that was tailored to them… and that’s what I help provide.


“I’ve been craving a system for so long. This is a lifesaver!”

  • Dawn Charles - photographer and educator


 Your business is about to change, for the better

To learn more about my services, packages, and pricing, click the image below for the service you're interested in & download my investment guide!


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Let’s do this, you and your business deserve it

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 What happens next?

I’m glad you asked!



You fill in the form above and I get back to you within 24hours with a link to book a connection call to meet each other and so I can get to know your business more



We choose the next available date to start working together and I send through a questionnaire to help assist with onboarding



I get started on working for you by taking tasks off your plate as you begin to see the overwhelm reduce


Here it from a fellow creative



+ How long do I have to commit to working with you?

The Supported Creative [blogging and pinterest packages] are a minimum of 3 months. After that all I require is 30 days notice. The Productive Creative is a one off package and is designed to take around 1 month, depending on your availaiblity for calls.

+ Do you offer any other VA services that aren’t listed here?

I do occasionally take on additional services, we can discuss your thoughts in a connection call and if I know someone who would be a better fit for what you're after, I will happily send you a list of referrals.

+ I post very often on my blog, should I just go with the blogging package or do Pinterest & blogging together?

The reason I put Pinterest and blogging together in a package is because they are meant to be paired together. Your blog is content for your community, and your Pinterest brings and builds the community and plus the best part - you get a big discount when you put the two together.

+ What if I’ve never used Tailwind before? Does that matter?

No it doesn't, I manage and set up your Tailwind account for you so you don't need to worry about it at all. I do however require tailwind to be purchased for us to work together, so that I can batch schedule your pins

+ How often are you posting to my Pinterest account?

15-20pins per day. This is a mixture of your own content and other peoples content in your niche

+ When do you need me to get my blog posts to you to edit & schedule out?

I batch work on Thursdays + Fridays for all client work [AEST]. I require blog content on Tuesdays to be scheduled for the following week.


Let’s get started