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I’m here to help creatives in their business and the fact that you are reading this page right now… means more than you know!

Introducing: The Referral program


Along with my sincere thanks, I would love to show my gratitude financially.

If you have benefited from my services or want to support them, then I want to support you too.


Who I do my best work for:

I do my best work with driven and passionate creatives.

Female entrepreneurs who need help reducing the overwhelm they are facing and having someone in their corner that will give support and encouragement consistently and authentically.

Below are the types of clients and niche industries I am familiar with

  • Photography

  • Retreats

  • Illustrators

  • Coaching {business coaching}

  • Digital products/passive income

  • And more

referral with hannah murphy

Offerings and services to refer people to


1:1 Services

View the Services guide below for information on pricing and packages available to refer people to

consistency for creatives online course



The Supported Creative

  • For every successful referral (contract signed and deposit paid) you receive $100AUD

  • Ask them to mention your name in the contact form for where they heard about me or in an email they send… when they mention the referral they will also receive 20% off their first month… this will give them incentive to mention the referral

P.S. I do a happy dance when I hear a client comes to me through referral, I treasure it dearly, and I’m beyond grateful for your help in allowing me to live my dreams as a business owner.


Once a successful referral has been made I will make contact with you for referral payout