Blog Management Workflow Details

I’m so grateful you have chosen me to take your blogging to the next level so you can give value to your community.

Below are the expectations for the blog management package so we are on the same page.


  • When you need to deliver the blog content

  • Details on scheduling

It is expected that you will have blogging content (including copy + imagery) completed, ready and uploaded to our Asana/google drive folder for scheduling by Monday (7 days prior to going live) for scheduling on the Friday (unless otherwise agreed upon).

For example, if I was scheduling a blog for Friday April 26th, I would need the blog content (imagery + copy) by Monday April 22nd

If you are unable to meet the above expectations for your blog content, please contact me immediately via Voxer/Asana. If I don’t receive the blog content/imagery on time, that week will be missed in the blogging schedule.

*Bonus tip: I would highly recommend to batch all blogs for the month ahead, that way you are ahead on the blogging process.


Blog copy:

  • Educational blogs: 2000 words max

  • Photographers: 500 words max

Blog imagery:

  • Educational blogs: 5 images max

  • Photographers: (30-40 images for couples session + 50-60 for weddings)


My role:

  • Editing + refining all of your written copy

  • Renaming images for SEO

  • Adding imagery and copy into blog platform

  • Optimising your blog post for SEO

  • Optimising layout

  • Scheduling for time agreed upon (6am Friday morning, unless otherwise agreed upon)

Your role:

  • Create and upload required blog copy (upload into Asana/Google docs)

  • Favouriting imagery (photography blogs from galleries)

  • Sourcing imagery (educational blogs)

  • provide relevant SEO information (keywords, meta descriptions, tags, categories)

  • Providing relevant location of photography sessions (for photography blogs)

  • Add information into Asana/google docs as discussed in our on boarding

  • Keep clear communication via Voxer/Asana