Systems and workflows you need to have in your business

When I ask people if they have systems or workflows in place for their business I generally get one of three answers:

  1. Yes I do, my business couldn’t work without them

  2. Yes I do, however I don’t use them well and I feel they could be better

  3. *Blank stare, no response*

I always joke with people saying workflows are my love language… but actually it’s no joke. I literally thrive on them… however there have been times in my business that I find it easy to help other people with theirs, yet I am a hot mess behind the scenes trying to keep up to date with everything

Here's my theory: if you do it more than once, it needs a workflow... and if the workflow isn't working, there is a way to improve it.

Systems and workflows you need to have in your business | With Hannah Murphy #creativeresources #businesstips #systems

A few reasons we need workflows in our business [although I could go on forever] is:

  • It enables consistency in our business because we have a clear flow of what to do and also don’t miss any parts out

  • It is motivating seeing the breakdown of steps because it is more manageable to tick of 5 mini tasks in a workflow that spending an hour doing the task and then ticking it off

  • If you ever outsourced, or needed help for a certain season, it makes it a lot easier to explain your process and have someone else follow it.

As I mentioned above, if you do it more than once it needs a workflow, and I’m sure there are a lot of tasks with that, below are a few that come to mind that I use in my business that helps me and saves me time.

Client work:

  • Lead nurturing [e.g. do I offer discovery calls - I have a workflow for that]

  • Onboarding

  • The actual task work [whether it’s ongoing or a one-off project]

  • Offboarding

Content + Marketing:

  • Blogging workflow

  • Podcast workflow

  • Instagram workflow [different ones for instagram stories, lives, feed etc]

  • Facebook workflow

  • Pinterest workflow

  • Email marketing workflow


  • Monthly review

  • Monthly goal setting + action steps


  • Inbox management workflow

  • Batch days

  • Work to rest [end of day workflow]

  • Start of day

  • Weekly planning

  • Daily planning workflow

  • Vacation workflow

Three quick tips to remember:

  • Have white space… life happens and so it’s important to have the space in our days to complete workflows if they weren’t creating in the time we set out

  • If something isn’t working, experiment ways to change it

  • If you don’t have a workflow for a task, yet you’re finding it hard to remember all the steps, when that task comes up for you to do, record yourself doing it and then rewatch the video and write the steps you took. My personal favourite screen recording software that I use ALOT is loom.

I suggest picking a few from the list and writing out a workflow for them.

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Systems and workflows you need to have in your business | With Hannah Murphy #creativeresources #businesstips #systems
Systems and workflows you need to have in your business | With Hannah Murphy #creativeresources #businesstips #systems