A Comprehensive List of Everything I Outsource

When I first started my business I knew about the importance of a VA (because I was one ha!) however, I thought I’d never be able to afford to outsource or need to… well I can say I was wrong. 

Outsourcing is one of the best things I’ve done in my business. Whether it’s to an actual person or a piece of tech I have fallen in love with it and I now know that it’s worth investing in outsourcing because then I get a return on time, and time is my most precious asset because I can then focus on high strategy tasks to grow my business forward. 

Before I dive in, I wanted to share some extra reading from previous blog posts I’ve written on outsourcing:

Okay let’s do this (*this blog post does contain affiliate links… but it’s only because I use it myself and love it enough to share about it!)

I’m breaking this blog post into two categories:

  • Team Members 

  • Tech tools 

Here is a list of all the tasks I outsource to team members:


Introducing Stef… 

Stef is my VA and she does ALOT for me! I couldn’t operate my business without her!!! 

We work together on an hourly basis as some of the tasks change month to month, but here’s a general list of what she does (which doesn’t do justice to the amount of work she helps me with!):

  • Design work: Stef does all the Pinterest graphics for clients Pinterest + blog 

  • Newsletter and blog scheduling for my own content 

  • Some client misc admin work: e.g. helping with some Pinterest scheduling, some client admin tasks and helping onboard new clients 

  • Project based tasks: e.g. scheduling newsletters for a launch, editing a sales page, making instagram stories for a course promotion etc 

Love you Stef, you’re so kind, helpful and on top of things!


Introducing Katie...

Money and bookkeeping was that one task I literally knew NOTHING about. I knew I didn’t want to go broke and that was about the extent of my knowledge ha! Katie is an INCREDIBLE financial coach and she takes care of my bookkeeping, and I also do my tax returns through Freshwater Taxation (as I’m based in Australia). 


Introducing Amanda…

Amanda is my incredible Pinterest manager! I’ve had a lot of questions over why I outsourced this since I am a Pinterest manager, but what I found was that I wanted this to be my #1 traffic source and in order for that to happen it needed consistent time spent on it. Amanda has grown my account incredibly and it also means by outsourcing this I can take on more Pinterest clients.


Introducing Jess…

Each month the amazing Jess creates a custom content calendar for me. It helps having my blog, newsletter and instagram content put together all in one calendar so I know what I’m promoting and when. Here’s an example of what she does->


Introducing Elley…

While she isn’t a team member, I wanted to include her in this list because she helps my business a lot. Elley is an incredible business coach that cheers me on in business and helps me focus on key tasks that will move my business forward. In our call notes she writes out a list of action steps, I am then able to use these to put into my goal batch day so I don’t have to think about what steps I need to take, they are all written down.


I do every now and then outsource one off projects and here are some examples of past work I’ve outsourced:

  • Website template by Station Seven (I LOVE their stuff!)

  • Email welcome sequence written by Elli Runkles 

  • Tech set up by different people (e.g. I outsourced the set up of my deadline funnel)

Now it’s time to get into the tech! While these aren’t actual people, for me I consider them places I outsource to because they save me time and do tasks for me that I would otherwise have to do manually or take more time to do the task. 

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This blog takes you through the exact list of tasks I outsource in my creative small business, including the programs and people I outsource to.
This blog takes you through the exact list of tasks I outsource in my creative small business, including the programs and people I outsource to.