How to Create a Content Calendar

Have those content items on your to-do list that you feel like procrastinating, or maybe get postponed for other tasks or maybe you just are struggling to find the most efficient way to complete the task.

A few weeks ago I did some market research and asked people what system in their business they wanted to improve and a very common theme [in fact 90% of the responses] were all revolved around content creation.

Struggling to come up with ideas for your content? This blog post will help give you tips on what type of content you should be creating and how to create it.

Whether that was social media content, blogging, email list, Youtube etc. I have found that some seasons it’s really easy to generate content ideas and find the motivation to write them, and then other seasons you just want to copy and paste a blog you read from someone else’s website.

In my opinion the best way to show up consistently and wholeheartedly to your audience is through your content.

Am I perfect at it, no, in fact my struggle with content creation is exactly the reason I’m writing this blog post because I went on a research craze, trying to find the best ways to tackle content creation.

I believe by having the right systems and processes we can set ourselves up for success by creating an environment to give ourselves the best opportunity to get the content completed for days we just aren’t feeling it.

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So let’s get into the tips for content creation:

Step 1: Decide your content streams and frequency

This may go against your opinion or others in the industry, yet I am a big believer in the fact that you don’t have to be on every single social media channel and creating every type of content.

Here’s why: I believe that when we put time and effort into the channels we have chosen, we can really create a content calendar that we are passionate about and we are likely more motivated to show up consistently to

So with that said write down or decide right now the streams you will create content for and how often you will do this.

For me:

Marketing streams:

  • Instagram: two posts a week, instagram stories 3x a week, engagement 15mins a day

  • Pinterest: spend 2 hours a month planning out my content. I am to have about 10 pins a day [50% my content and 50% other people's content]

  • Facebook groups: spend an hour or so a week engaging in FB groups [I’m not super strict with this one and is the least priority of the marketing platforms I’ve chosen]

Content streams

  • Blog: once a week on a Friday

  • Email: send encouraging + informative emails once a fortnight on a Monday

Extra reading: This blog post by Jen Carrington is a great description of how to make sure your content works together like an eco-system

Step 2: Decide the content generation style for each platform

For me, the biggest setback to creating content is actually not knowing what I’m going to say, so I procrastinate it; I knew there had to be an easier so I researched and came up with three different ways of generating content. For me, I have different content generation styles for the different platforms yet I make sure they all work together.

Just to note, these aren’t the only content generation styles, I just think these are the easiest to implement for me.

Option 1: Create it around your offerings

This means focusing on a particular offering you want to promote for a period of time. For example, I break down my offering promotion and dedicate 2 months of the year to each one.

E.g. product shop, 1:1 monthly VA services, affiliate sales, Asana consult calls, 2x launches [for launching a new product etc]

I then use this to generate content for my blog.

For example, I am currently working on a new product shop with a main course; so I write out 8 blog post ideas that all relate to that particular offering.

Option 2: Create it around your content pillars

Content pillars are another great way to help create an environment for the content generation side to become easier

I use the style for Instagram; I have 5 content pillars and then generate the content around them.

They are:

Encouragement: inspiration + encouragement for business owners [sometimes I will repurpose email content into this to save time and allow creative space for myself to make the most of what I write]

My work: a testimonial, a tip, an offer, a client story [often I will align this with my blog and the offering that is centered around - whether it’s promoting the blog post or the actual offering]

Relationship building: pep talk, questions, answers to Q+A’s

Community highlight: someone in my world I’m thankful for [family member, friend, client]

About me: facts about me, intro post, what I’m learning and at the end of the month I always do a monthly review post

Option 3: Create it around monthly themes

The other option is creating it around monthly themes. For example particular topics related to your niche. I often do this for my newsletter….

E.g. this month I centered around the topic of overwhelm and next month is around content creation.

Step 3: Come up with a workflow for each platform, set it to a batch day and go from there.

If you do something more than once, create a workflow for it. I find the easiest way to create workflows, is video yourself doing the task. I use loom and then watch the video and write down each step.

Then create batch days + time blocking for the tasks.

E.g. Mondays are my marketing and content creation

Each monday I set aside one hour for marketing [creating that weeks content for pinterest and instagram] and one hour for content [writing one blog and one email]

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You got this! You have content that this world needs, let go of the excuses and setbacks and just write it!

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Struggling to come up with ideas for your content? This blog post will help give you tips on what type of content you should be creating and how to create it.
Struggling to come up with ideas for your content? This blog post will help give you tips on what type of content you should be creating and how to create it.