You’ve Heard About Self-Care, but How’s Your Client-Care Going?

I read A LOT of tips about self-care as a business owner. I see a lot of instagram posts about the importance of self-care.

Before I dive in, disclaimer: I think self-care is important. I believe it’s important we fill ourselves up so that we can outpour to our clients with our best foot forward. 

In saying this, I believe what is equally important is the way we care for our clients. Remember: they are paying you to do this, and we need to value that investment. Let’s be business owners that go above and beyond for our clients. 

I wanted to give 3 tips for how to go above and beyond for clients (without burning yourself in the process)

  1. Once a week, choose a current client or past client and write an encouraging letter via email or an encouraging voice text [my favourite tool for this is Voxer] to them or send a gift in the mail [Greetabl is great for this]. This can take a max of 10 mins a week… but let me tell you from experience, it strengthens your relationship with the client so much!

  2. Mark their birthdays on the calendar when they are on boarded and ensure you send them a birthday message. This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process, just a simple gesture that shows them you are caring about their life

  3. Have clear systems in place that allow seamless communication. For example, I use Dubsado for my on boarding and it goes something like this [client discovery call -> proposal sent with contract and invoice -> on-boarding questionnaire sent with information to share their passwords and me to get to know their brand more -> send a thank-you email with the date of when they can expect to hear from me again, which is generally the start date]. By having these systems and templates set up, it allows for us to spend more time on caring for the client and ensuring clear communication through the process of working together

I just wanted to start the conversation on how to better care for clients because they matter, without them we wouldn’t have a business. Have a think this week about ways you can go above and beyond for clients without burning yourself out through the process. 

I’d love you to reply with some ideas you have to better care for clients so I can share them in a future newsletter!

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This blog takes you through ideas for improving your client's experience and create a tribe of raving fans
This blog takes you through ideas for improving your client's experience and create a tribe of raving fans