20 Blog Post Ideas for Creatives

Ever struggled to write a blog post because you’re stuck thinking ‘what do I write about?’ Well in today’s post I want to help with that! 

I wanted to let you know that these blog post ideas are meant to be used as a launching pad for inspiration. Use these ideas to spark creativity and trust that what you write about is what this world needs to hear.

    • Find a current trend in your niche  - and say why it actually sucks!

    • Q&A : Answer one of the most common questions you get asked

    • How to overcome a common set-back or roadblock [think about what your client faces either before they work with you or as they are starting to work with you] and how you overcome it for yourself/clients

    • 3 things you have been trying lately [this is a great place to add in affiliate links] and one thing you are giving up - a mindset or tool

    • What industry friends do you love working with? Tell your audience about why they’re awesome! [this is also great for affiliate links, or vendors if you're a photographer]

    • Client case study: talk about a clients experience, including testimonials

    • Share a behind the scenes of your client journey [this helps give people a sneak behind the scenes and helps give potential clients an idea of what the process is like]

    • Interview another creative entrepreneur

    • Write about your business journey and the lessons you have learnt

    • XX resources that you ideal client would benefit from [e.g. 10 apps to help your wedding planning, 5 must have tools for your web design business etc] - remember this is essential tools FOR YOUR CLIENT

    • Interview a client and ask about their experiences, results and what helped them through this process

    • How do you get inspired to create the work you do for your clients?

    • Bust 3 myths about working with you

    • Talk about 5 things that separates YOU and your client experience from others in your industry

    • Share 10 people who are worth following [on instagram or pinterest] for your ideal client [e.g. if you are a wedding photographer this may be wedding vendors, if you're a designer it may be stock imagery Pinterest users, if you're a virtual assistant it may be other niche people you refer to]

    • Do a monthly recap: things you loved, people you worked with, goals for next month etc

    • Do an instagram poll about topics your ideal tribe want to hear more about and write on those topics

    • YOUR WORK: e.g. a photography session, a clients branding, a clients Pinterest makeover etc

    • Definition post: e.g. 'what is digital marketing?' 'What photographers handle on your wedding day' etc

    • Share your workflows: client on-boarding, preparing for working with your client, getting inspiration, location scouting [as an engagement photographer], etc

Want more ideas and the above ideas in a pretty download to store for later?

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Struggling to think of what to write for your next blog post? In this blog post I provide 40 blog post ideas for creative business owners
Struggling to think of what to write for your next blog post? In this blog post I provide 40 blog post ideas for creative business owners