A Letter For The Overwhelmed Business Owner: You Don’t Have To Do It All

Dear Creative business owner,

You don’t have to do it all.

Because here’s the thing, just like our personal situations change in life, our businesses do also.

What brought you joy in one season, may not now. Your capacity and strength may be drained in this season compared to the last. Your creativity may be flowing more than it was in your last season. Your sales may be more than your last season.

I don’t believe in a one size fits all marketing plan. I don’t believe that what works for your competition will work exactly the same for you. I don’t believe that you need to feel overwhelmed because you are doing too much or stressed that you’re not doing enough... because remember: you created your business for freedom and to do what you love, so don’t let the business world change that perspective.

Yes, there are strategies to make our business better. Yes, there are incredible resources out there to grow our business. Yes there are always things we can do better... yet maybe what really matters is more about preserving the strength of you and your business and finding what works best for you... because there is a lot of noise out there in the business world, and you need to find the sounds that suit your business best, in this season

So here’s what I suggest asking yourself whenever you feel overwhelmed or are doing a task audit in your business:

  1. Does this task bring me joy?

  2. Does this task need to look different?

  3. Does this task need to be outsourced or eliminated?

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How to reduce overwhelm as a business owner