3 things to do when you feel close to burnout

Burnout. That word we all avoid. That word that doesn’t support our life and business. That word that is so easy to achieve if we aren’t careful.

Sometimes burnout can be to a large scale and a cumulation of years… other times it can just be a day where you aren’t feeling it.

3 things to do when you’re close to burnout | With Hannah Murphy #businesstips #creativebusinessresources

I was feeling pretty close to burnout not that long ago actually, and here are some of the indicators:

  • I was in a constant state of stress

  • I had a long to-do list and wasn’t getting it done

  • I had to say no to a lot of things that needed my yes like spending time with family

  • I wasn’t resting

  • I was simply running my business in reactive mode, reacting to whatever came my way.

  • I found that other areas of life were suffering because of the overwhelm I was experiencing in my business

  • I found it very hard to be creative like write blog posts and email newsletters

  • I was getting physically sick and feeling mentally drained

  • I didn’t love life as much as I normally do

Can you relate? While my indicators may not look like yours, there are things that take place that you know means your on the road of overwhelm towards the destination of burnout.

This experience motivated me to start researching proactive steps I can take when I start feeling that way. Let’s dive into three things I now do when I feel overwhelmed and close to burnout… because I don’t want you to have to feel that way.

Brain dump and walk away

Put a timer on for 5 minutes and then walk away.

Here’s why: because when we allow all the tasks to circulate in our mind, they stay there, where as when we see them on the paper we are able to actually begin creating a plan as to how to tackle it.

As you are writing down everything, don’t just write the business tasks, you can even write thoughts or to-dos from other areas of your life so that everything you mind is thinking about can be emptied.

After you have brain dumped everything, take a break. This will allow you to take time to relax and give your mind a break now that everything has been emptied. Sometimes I need a day, sometimes an afternoon, sometimes a weekend and heck even sometimes a week depending on how much rest I need.

Doing this will not only help you feel less overwhelmed, yet it will also allow inspiration and creative juices to flow back again.

Eliminate tasks that are causing you overwhelm  

Once you have had a break, I want you to cross out the tasks that you are going to give yourself grace with and allow to drop for the moment.

For example, a few weeks ago I was really struggling with creativity, and I was feeling overwhelmed. I was in the middle of creating a new product for my business… yet I had to allow myself grace to drop it for a few weeks so I could address the other areas of my business first. A few other examples: instead of posing to instagram 3x’s that week, just post once, can’t get that blog out? Reschedule it. Something isn’t working? Let it go for now.

Here’s the thing: your business will be better when you eliminate or reschedule tasks because you will feel more freedom to do the tasks that do need to be completed better.

I don’t believe we can multitask, so for a season, the time you have for your business may look different, so you have a choice to either eliminate it, outsource it or change it so that it better suits you e.g. weekly instagram posts instead of daily [if this task is adding to your overwhelm].

Create an action plan to move forward

This is my favorite part. For the next two weeks allocate 2 hours a day [I suggest leave out weekends] and fill those two hours with tasks from your ‘brain dump’ list… by having out a structured schedule it will enable you time to finish what is on your list, while having the freedom to still rest and not feel overwhelmed.

When you come to that day; write out the tasks you allocated again on paper; put a timer on for two hours and keep crossing off those tasks! Have another tasks that pops up? Read this blog for a strategy of how to approach it ->

I would love to know some tips you use for when you feel close to burnout?

I’m cheering you on; this world needs your business and it also needs you to show up as your rested self. Bye, Bye overwhelm.

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3 things to do when you’re close to burnout | With Hannah Murphy #businesstips #creativebusinessresources
3 things to do when you’re close to burnout | With Hannah Murphy #businesstips #creativebusinessresources